Open Science Statement

The ROSE lab at Avila University supports transparent and open science. Therefore, we encourage all lab members to use the Open Science Framework ( to manage projects. We specifically encourage nine main practices:

    1. Preregistration of hypotheses, materials, design, and analyses for confirmatory analyses.
    2. Open, deanonymized data made publicly available as soon as possible.
    3. Open methods made publicly available to the extent possible (excluding copyrighted materials).
    4. Posting of paper preprints on where possible and allowed by target journals.
    5. Completion of power analyses prior to data collection when possible.
    6. Reporting of all conditions and variables in a study.
    7. Reporting of analyses with and without eliminated observations.
    8. Reporting of analyses with and without all covariates.
    9. Sharing of analytic code and syntax when possible.

We understand that for many studies, one or more of these practices are not possible, but where possible they should be applied. Adherence to these policies is voluntary.