Wagge Lab

I am Jordan Wagge, the PI of a research lab at Avila University (called the “Wagge Lab”). We currently have three main lines of research, described below:

Replication work. Dr. Wagge is the Executive Director for the Collaborative Replications and Education Project, which serves to guide and support student replications of published research in psychology. Follow us on Twitter and check out our collaboration with the Psych Science Accelerator.

Pedagogy. Dr. Wagge is interested in pedagogical (teaching & learning) questions, particularly as they relate to: 1) the perception of psychology as a science, 2) the characteristics of research methods and statistics courses/instructors and how those predict or contribute to the development of a “scholar” identity, 3) willingness of instructors to modify beliefs related to pedagogical approaches, and 4) pedagogical approaches that best serve minoritized students.

Fat Studies. A developing area of research in the lab is in the area of Fat Studies. For several years I did work in the area of “food cognition” and found that the literature — like much of the dominant rhetoric around fatness in American culture — is problematic. I am working on developing studies related to exploring fatness from a cognitive psychological perspective, including content analyses of textbooks in introductory and health psychology. Other interests include examining illusory correlations between fatness and disease, categorization of individuals as “healthy” or “unhealthy” based on body size, language used to describe fatness across race, class, and gender, overestimation of the efficacy of “diets,” and interventions to correct misinformation about body size.

I will supervise student thesis work in any three of these areas. I am also currently accepting new students to my lab. Please e-mail psychology@avila.edu for an application if you are interested in doing research in any of our labs at Avila.

Wagge Lab, Fall 2021