Lab Members

My lab is currently full for the Spring of 2019, however, if you are an Avila student who simply can’t survive without doing replication work or studying food cognition, contact me by e-mailing me – Jordan.Wagge [at]

Here is the general application for to do research in a lab at Avila: Research Experience Participation Request

Lab Personnel

Dr. Jordan Wagge, Lab Director

I am an Associate Professor at Avila University in the Psychology Department. I currently have two main research interests: 1) cognitive processes associated with food and eating behaviors (particularly distortions in perception and memory specific to food and eating); 2) metascience in psychology, focused on reproducibility and open science with an emphasis on pedagogy and methodology training for scientists at all career stages. I serve as the Associate Director for the Collaborative Replications and Education Project and an ambassador for the Center for Open Science. In my spare time I like to OH MY GOD WHAT IS SPARE TIME.

Braeden Hall, Graduate Assistant

Braeden joined the Cognition lab in the Fall of 2017 and is Dr. Wagge’s current Graduate Assistant. His primary research interests in Social Psychology include social cognition, dissonance reduction, cultural psychology, construct validity of implicit bias measures, and bias intervention. His primary Quantitative research interests include reproducibility, transparency, measure validity and reliability, meta-science, statistics, and multilevel modeling. Under Dr. Wagge’s mentorship, Braeden is currently coordinating a collaborative replication project between the Collaborative Replications and Education Project (CREP) and the Psychological Science Accelerator (PSA) which has been submitted to Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science (AMPPS) as a Phase 1 RRR. Braeden plans to pursue a Ph.D. next year in Social or Quantitative Psychology.


Graduate Students

Hello, my name is Kaitlin Parrott and I am a Graduate Student in the graduate Psychology program at Avila University. Currently, I am a Resident Assistant on campus and a Graduate Assistant for Dr. Amy Bucher. My interests are sport psychology & exercise and eating disorders. After graduation, I hope to obtain a PhD in Sport Psychology.







I’m Ann and I am a graduate student working on my master’s of science in psychology.  I currently teach Psychology, Sociology, and Economics at Blue Valley North. I joined the Food Cognition lab in the Spring of 2018 because I enjoy writing and doing research. In my free time, I love to go to concerts, eat at nice restaurants, and travel the world.  I am interested in a wide variety of different topics including educational psychology, neuroscience, adolescent development and social psychology.




Undergraduate Students

My name is ArieAhna and I am a fourth year student in the psychology department, working on my thesis to study the relationship between food addiction and perception of food. After I graduate I would like to move to Canada and attend a master’s program in counseling psychology.





I’m Maddie, I’m a psychology major interested in feminism, eating disorders and international travel. After I graduate I plan on going to a master’s program in Women and Gender Studies, hopefully in another country.





Hi, my name is Abigail and I am a third year student at Avila University. This year I’m in multiple psychology classes as part of the Undergraduate Psychology Program. I joined the Food Cognition lab Fall of 2017 because of my interest in research psychology as a possible focus in my future studies. My plans for further education are still under consideration and I am excited to take advantage of the opportunities offered here at Avila with people who share similar motivations. It is also my second year as a member of the Cross Country and Track team here at Avila.  My favorite thing to do is spend time with my friends and family.




I’m Christi. I graduated from Metropolitan Community College, with an associate in arts, in May of 2018. I am currently an undergraduate student at Avila University, working towards a psychology major with a concentration in research and a minor in management. I will go on from here to earn a doctorate in Industrial and organizational psychology. My interests are in the research surrounding the concern for lack of practicality of business research and in combination, the lack of open access. In my free time, I enjoy philanthropy and traveling.




I am Josh, a senior in the Avila Advantage program. Once I graduate, I plan on obtaining a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I joined the Cognition Laboratory for the Fall of 2018 to get my feet wet in the research. Though I plan on focusing on clinical practice, research is under-represented in the MFT discipline as compared to Clinical Psychology, and I think that is unfortunate. I am interested in attachment, trauma, and how these impact adult relationships. I love spending my limited free time with my wife and 2 daughters, listening to podcasts, and playing board games.



I’m Erika and I just joined the lab because I enjoy research methods and statistics. Someday I hope to be a Counseling Psychologist who uses research to inform practice. I love to spend time with my family and animals.





Hi, I’m Gabby! I am from Cedar Park, Texas and found my way to Kansas City thanks to a softball scholarship at Avila! I joined the Cognition lab in the fall of 2018. I am a third-year student at Avila, with aspirations to enter graduate school and pursue a master’s degree in occupational therapy. I joined the lab because I enjoy challenging myself to think differently and continually learn new skills. I feel that research is a valuable and applicable tool for everyone to have, so I did not want to miss out on this awesome opportunity! On the rare occasion that I have some “free” time, I usually spend it at church or at home sleeping on my couch with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and my kitty!


I am Raven Josiah from Union City, New Jersey. I am a third-year student at Avila University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology as well as a minor in mathematics. Being that I have always been fascinated with knowing what makes people do the things they do, as well as mathematics, it felt only right that I get an in-depth understanding of good research methods and so I joined the lab. I have a growing interest in human factors and ergonomics and with guidance, I hope to expand my knowledge of the field. I love traveling, and in my free time I’m most likely in the gym getting ready for the upcoming football season here at Avila.

Lab Alum

Nicole Mathis, BA ’16, MSCP ’18 (lab member 2014 – 2018)






Taylor Cole, lab member Fall 2018