Lab Members

Lab Personnel

Dr. Jordan Wagge, Lab Director

I am a Professor at Avila University in the School of Psychology and Cognitive Science. I have lived in Kansas City since 2009 with my most amazing spouse and we have two awesome little kiddos, two cats, two dogs, and a ton of shows in our Netflix queue. In addition to teaching and research, I also help run the Avila Food Pantry and am the current Director of the Honors Program. I love my job at Avila, my colleagues, working with students, doing research, playing Pokémon Go and making everything into a joke. I’m on twitter!

Graduate Students

Taylor Staves

Lindsay Wing

Undergraduate Students

Riley Taranto

I am from Dillingham, Alaska. I am majoring in Psychology and English. One day, I hope to go to graduate school and get my doctorate degree in psychology. I am currently working towards my pilot’s license, and my sailing license where I will use that to travel!

Graduate Assistant

Holly France

I am currently a graduate student in the M.S. in Psychology program with a Research concentration. I received a B.S. degree from Bradley University majoring in Psychology and Music. My research interests include the effect of sound on memory and attention.

Lab Alum

Claire Zuniga

Michael Denk

Alexis Guyton

Raven Josiah

Carrie Sutherland

Kaitlin Parrott

Sydney Sleichert

Gabby Walton

Kyenne Wade

Arie Ahna 

Abigail Conner

Christi Boxx

Braeden Hall

Nicole Mathis

Maddie Summerfield

Josh Johns

Taylor Cole

Erika Vitti

Ann Salimbene

Alfred Hoppert