Avila Cognition Lab

I am Jordan Wagge, the PI of Avila’s Cognition Lab (also called Wagge Lab). We currently have two main lines of research, described below:

Replication work. Dr. Wagge is the Associate Director for the Collaborative Replications and Education Project, which serves to guide and support student replications of published research in psychology. We (1) select studies to replicate, (2) provide supporting materials and guidance, (3) review projects before and after data collection, and (4) coordinate meta-analytic manuscript processes. Since 2015, 170 student projects have been initiated on four different continents resulting in — to date — three meta-analytic publications. All projects are structured to be reasonably completed within a University’s semester, so if you are a student or instructor looking to do or supervise some research, let me know! Also, follow us on Twitter and check out our collaboration with the Psych Science Accelerator.

Food cognition. A developing area of research in the lab is food cognition; through this line of research, we seek to understand how cognitive mechanisms contribute to and interact with food and eating behaviors. This has primarily involved perceptual manipulations and judgments, and manipulations of subjective socioeconomic status (mostly failed conceptual replications).

Avila Cognition Lab, Fall 2019